Designed by Kurt Josef Zalto, handblown, and handmade in Europe – every single glass is a unique piece.

Our Tasting Set, specially priced, consists of the following four 4 glasses:

JOSEPHINE No 1: Height 24cm, diameter 8.2cm, volume 450ml.

JOSEPHINE No 2: Height 24cm, diameter 9.0cm, volume 550ml.

JOSEPHINE No 3: Height 24cm, diameter 11cm, volume 800ml.

JOSEPHINE No 4: Height 24cm, diameter 9.0cm, volume 300ml.

JOSEPHINE No 1 – White
The JOSEPHINE No 1 is ideal for delicate, fruity, and rather light white wines as well as rosés. Young Pinot Blancs, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blancs or Grüner Veltliners make a focused, balanced, and concentrated impression in the glass. Lighter Chasselas, Müller-Thurgau, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Silvaner wines taste equally as good in the JOSEPHINE No 1 as do lightly chilled red wines such as Trollinger, Gamay and Pinot Noir. The glass is versatile: even Port wine, Madeira and Sherry are shown to their best advantage. However, the No 1 shows its particular strength with fine Rieslings – including those with some residual sweetness and a lot of finesse. Definitely check it out!

JOSEPHINE No 2 – Universal
As a true universal genius, the JOSEPHINE No 2 brings every medium-weight white or red wine to its optimal development. From Pinot Blanc and Viognier to Sangiovese and Tempranillo - the glass is convincing for a wide range of wines. It is thereby practical, and emphasizes subtle notes as well as the nuances of more complex wines. Mature red wines, to which not too much oxygen should be added, and high-quality vintage champagnes also demonstrate their full potential in the JOSEPHINE No 2. Those who don’t have too much time to consider their choice of glasses would do best to pick this multi-award-winning universal glass. And then: simply enjoy!!

Our JOSEPHINE No 3 glass is a proven Grand Seigneur. It has a large surface area, so that full-bodied and complex red wines have enough contact with oxygen. Kurt Josef Zalto has succeeded in squaring the circle with this glass – a combination of a Bordeaux and Burgundy glass. Full-bodied, concentrated and seductive Pinots, Bordeaux blends, Baroli, Syrah and the like can unfold in the JOSEPHINE No 3 in an expansive manner. Moreover, this masterpiece offers the perfect stage for full-bodied and extracted white wines, such as barrique-aged Chardonnays, as well as icon wines such as those from Napa Valley, Oregon, South America, South Africa and Australia.

JOSEPHINE No 4 – Champagne
Sparkling wines such as Champagne, Sekt, Franciacorta and Cava are often related to a special occasion and deserve an elegant glass that allows them to shine. The JOSEPHINE No 4 impresses through its unusual shape and lies perfectly balanced in the hand. The same surface area as the universal wine glass and its deeply pointed tip at the bottom of the bowl serve to highlight the fine mousse of mature champagnes as well as the gentle perlage of other sparkling wines. The narrowing towards the rim of the mouth promotes the richness of the bouquet and transports it in a focused manner towards the nose. Sweet wines such as Auslese, ice wines, Tokaji or Sauternes also benefit from the shape of this unique glass. Let festive moments last forever!

A soft linen cloth and a watercolour brush are the best things for taking care of your glasses. The Josephinenhütte glasses are dishwasher suitable, but hand washing is recommended.

Read our care tips in detail here to ensure your glasses lead a long life.

Kurt Josef Zalto - the visionary among glass designers

With his design for a lightweight, thin-walled, yet flexible wineglass, the Austrian glassmaker has gone beyond the current concept of a good glass.

Handmade guarantee

All our glasses are lovingly made by hand. Each piece is uniquely manufactured by traditional creative craftsmanship of the absolute highest quality.

Care Tips

We suggest lukewarm water to wash the JOSEPHINE and a soft linen cloth to polish your glasses. The Josephinenhütte glasses are dishwasher suitable.

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