Glass care

Thanks to their elasticity, the Josephine glasses are more robust than they may appear. It is however important to handle your glass with care.


Clean your glasses by hand simply using lukewarm water or at a low temperature in a well-maintained dishwasher* which is suitable for cleaning glasses and in which the glasses can stand securely and do not knock against each other.


Ideally a pure linen cloth should be used, one which is only used for polishing your glasses. The inside of the glass should be dried first, then the rim and the outside. It is important to hold the glass by the goblet and to avoid the typical turning of the goblet and the base of the glass in opposite directions. The stem and base should be dried last.


Any last remaining droplets of water at the base of the goblet can be wonderfully dried with the supplied natural fibre brush.

Please use this only for your glasses.

*Your dishwasher is only suitable for glasses, if it is regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, if it is correctly set for the water hardness and if high quality cleaning and rinsing agents are used.