The JOSEPHINE glass collection awarded the ICONIC AWARD 2022 Innovative Interior

February 22, 2022

Designer Kurt Zalto (left) and Marcus Meyer (right), Josephinenhütte CEO

Award-winning JOSEPHINE glass collection

German Design Council honours glass collection by Kurt Josef Zalto for its outstanding design

Our JOSEPHINE glass collection was announced "Winner" in the category Kitchen and Household at this year's ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior. The internationally renowned award is presented annually by the German Design Council and is seen as a "trend barometer of the interior design industry".

The JOSEPHINE is a handmade glass that stands out not only visually, but especially sensorily. Driven by his vision of finding the original form of the wine glass, our designer Kurt Josef Zalto has spent years developing a completely new glass shape. Its unique design with a kink allows the aromas to evolve within the glass so that the wine can develop much more intense and faster. At the same time, the glass is so fine that it feels like you are holding the wine in your hand.

The form with its kink serves one goal: the best possible taste

"I have been studying the influence of shapes and materials on the behaviour and taste of wines for over 30 years. Like the great masters of the Renaissance, I follow the approach of calculated form. It takes a great deal of time and intuition to develop the form and function of the glass until the individual radii and angles harmonise perfectly. The end result is a highly functional form that is very beautiful to look at," says Kurt Josef Zalto. "That's why I'm delighted that our glass collection has now won awards for both its sensory qualities and its appealing design."

The JOSEPHINE causes a sensation in the wine world

For the Josephinenhütte team, this year has begun as excitingly as the last one ended. It was only in December that the universal glass JOSEPHINE No 2 won a major European glass test. The reason for this decision: no other glass "shows the strengths, but also the weaknesses of a wine so clearly." The New York Times, which praised the universal glass in a glass test only a few days ago, takes a similar view.