Friedrich Genusswelt - One of the most exciting restaurant collections in Germany

Gina Duesmann and Lars Keiling are a successful power couple in the gourmet scene - side by side they ran the thriving two-star restaurant Keilings in Bad Bentheim for a decade. When the lease expired, they looked for a new challenge and found it in Osnabrück. Together with sommelier Sven Oetzel, they now head up one of the most exciting restaurant collections in northern Germany: the “Friedrich Genusswelt”, best translated as the Friedrich world of culinary delight. This includes the sushi restaurant "Furittsu", the relaxed "Fritz Daily" and the gourmet restaurant "Friedrich" as well as the academy of delights "Friedrich Genussakademie" and the wine store "Friedrich Weinladen". The restaurants are all located within a radius of 50 metres in the centrally located Lotterstraße between the museum district and Caprivi Campus. A real gourmet triangle. The only outsider is the "Friedrich Weinbar" in Düsseldorf, which has been part of the successful “Genusswelt” since 2020.

Modern soul food: fine dining at the “Friedrich”

"We have a lot of freedom here, which is wonderful," says Gina Duesmann. "The Friedrich Genusswelt is a great playground for us!" As restaurant manager, Gina Duesmann is responsible for the well-being of the guests at the Osnabrück locations. Corona has made business difficult for her and her colleagues in the last two years, especially in the fine dining area. All the more reason for them to look forward to reopening the "Friedrich" after one and a half years and our Josephinenhütte glasses will be there too!

"We have set ourselves the goal of reviving the good old German guest house and interpreting it in a contemporary way. Food, drink and enjoyment are inseparably linked with warmth and comfort, surrounded by dear people with whom we like to spend time and enjoy ourselves," says Gina Duesmann. The Friedrich hosts want to create a cosy atmosphere. "Guests should forget about time with us. We invite them on a little culinary journey, where they don't need to think, but simply to let go and enjoy." The menu offers a different variation of courses and a cosmopolitan, expressive aromatic cuisine. Modern soul food - sometimes classic, sometimes modern, always seasonal and in the unmistakable Friedrich style!

A choice of over 400 open wines

There is a special highlight for wine lovers: a choice of over 400 open wines is served in Josephinenhütte glasses. "With the wine selection, we want to take our guests out of their comfort zone a little and tickle their tastebuds," says Gina Duesmann. "We offer more than Grauburgunder and Riesling. I really enjoy biodynamically produced wines. They are often very full of character and therefore go wonderfully well with food."

The choice of glasses for the reopening has fallen on Josephinenhütte. For Gina Duesmann, glasses play a similarly important role as porcelain, especially in the fine dining sector. They contribute significantly to a high-quality ambience. "The 'Josephine' glasses are great to hold, look fantastic and add sophistication. Moreover, the sensory experience with the glasses is excellent," says Gina Duesmann. She particularly likes the champagne glass: "The shape is extroverted and full of tension – a great achievement. I can serve matured champagnes in these glasses without fearing a loss of taste. In short, the glasses offer everything I could wish for. That's why we chose Josephinenhütte."

Shortage of skilled workers – an appeal

The shortage of skilled workers in the catering industry has also reached the “Freidrich”. "No wonder," says Gina Duesmann. "The industry has an image problem for which it is partly responsible itself. Weekend work, overtime, a tough pace - that is no longer in keeping with the times. The younger generation is not interested in that and I can understand why." Friedrich Genusswelt has learned from the mistakes of the industry and does a lot of things better. "I still enjoy my job immensely, even after many years. I get to meet a lot of people and be involved with great cuisine and good wines. We invite anyone who wants to put themselves out there in the restaurant business: Get in touch with us. We look forward to meeting you!"