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Limited Edition Sommelier Corkscrew "Lost Barrels"

In collaboration with the Meyer-Näkel winery, Josephinenhütte introduces a special edition corkscrew crafted by the renowned Forge de Laguiole, each imbued with a poignant narrative.


Forge de Laguiole, Josephinenhütte and the VDP winery Meyer Näkel from the Ahr region in Germany have joined forces in a distinguished collaboration. The three companies share a passion for traditional craftsmanship as well as a love for wine and fine enjoyment. Together, they are now presenting the "Lost Barrels" corkscrew to support a good cause.

The special edition is limited to 150 pieces, and features a knife handle crafted from the wood of the first of the believed- to-be-lost barrels from the Meyer-Näkel winery. In the summer of 2021, the flood of the Ahr river destroyed a total of 350 barrels at the winery, nine of which were recovered in the days that followed. The use of this wood turns each knife into an artifact of contemporary history, reminding us of the strength of human solidarity and the new beginning after the Ahr flood. It is a symbol of confidence and hope!


Help for the Winegrowers of the Ahr Region in Gemany

A Cooperation for a Good Cause

Josephinenhütte provided the decisive impetus for the cooperation. The Munich-based company is known for its handblown glasses designed by Kurt Josef Zalto. "We were in contact with both partners independently of each other and suggested transmitting the message of the "Lost Barrels" out into the world through a special edition of the iconic corkscrew. It is important to us to send a signal of hope to the affected Ahr region," says Marcus Meyer, CEO of Josephinenhütte. Marcus Meyer and his team are donating the entire proceeds to the VDP initiative "Der Adler hilft" to support the winegrowers on the Ahr affected by the flood.


A Sign of Hope

The Story of the Lost Barrels

On July 14, 2021, the flood of the century in the Ahr wine region in Germany destroyed the winery of the Meyer-Näkel family in Dernau. Overnight, the two sisters Dörte and Meike Näkel lost almost everything the family had worked to achieve over the years. The floods also swept away the entire 2020 vintage with it. In the days following the flood, the unexpected happened. Just a few kilometers away from the winery, a barrel of Pinot Noir with the inscription "Meyer-Näkel" was found. Eight more intact barrels were tracked down in the surrounding villages. These "Lost Barrels" are the only remains of the 2020 vintage. A total of around 2,600 bottles are currently being allocated via a subscription process. The first barrel has now been taken apart and masterfully reworked into the handles of the corkscrews by the Forge de Laguiole team.


The Corkscrew

Genuine Craftsmanship from Forge de Laguiole

Forge de Laguiole stands for tradition and zeitgeist, combined with excellent craftsmanship. Each corkscrew is handcrafted in the company's own forge in the French village of Laguiole. The corkscrew is ergonomic, elegant, and functional. The wooden handle made from the "Lost Barrels" wood, which was believed to be lost, gives the corkscrew the finishing touch. Each piece thereby not only represents outstanding craftsmanship, but also tells a story of resilience and new beginnings. It is a symbol of the force of human nature and the power of working together to build a new future out of the ruins.

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