Two white wine glasses, two red wine glasses, two champagne glasses and brush and linen cloth by Josephinenhütte
Two white wine glasses by Josephinenhütte
Two JOSEPHINE red wine glasses
Two champagne glasses by Josephinenhütte
White linen cloth and brush for Josephinenhütte glasses


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Set of handmade wine glasses.

With our Starter Set you are prepared for (almost) all occasions, and it also makes a great gift.

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With our white wine glass No 1, the red wine glass No 3 and the champagne glass No 4 you are prepared for (almost) all occasions. And since drinking alone is less fun, there are two of each glass in this box. Our Starter Kit also makes a great gift!

A beautiful linen polishing cloth and a brush for glass care is included and nicely packed.

Customs & duties included 60 days free returns Secure Payments
Customs & duties included 60 days free returns Secure Payments

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Handmade guarantee

All our glasses are lovingly made by hand. Each piece is uniquely manufactured by traditional creative craftsmanship of the absolute highest quality.

Kurt Josef Zalto – The visionary among glass designers

With his design for a lightweight, thin-walled, yet flexible wineglass, the Austrian glassmaker has gone beyond the current concept of a good glass.

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