Designed by Kurt Josef Zalto*, Glass Designer in 6th Generation

Kurt Josef Zalto was former co-founder, designer and managing director of Zalto Glasmanufaktur GmbH. Since 2019, he serves as founding partner and chief designer at Josephinenhütte GmbH. Kurt Josef Zalto has no business affiliation with present-day Zalto Glas GmbH since 2009. Josephinenhütte GmbH maintains no economic ties with Zalto Glas GmbH.

Inspired by the historical art of glassmaking

Our role model: the former Josephinenhütte. A Silesian glassworks in the Sudeten Mountains, founded in 1842 by Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch and named after his beloved wife Josephine. The glassmaker Franz Pohl, head of Josephinenhütte, was a gifted creator and artistic pioneer who went beyond the boundaries of what was thought possible in glassmaking at the time. Thus, were created glass objects of technical sophistication and absolute beauty, which made the historic Josephinenhütte one of the most significant glassworks in Europe and the New World.

A century later, fate put an end to the success story of Josephinenhütte and over the decades the former splendour fell into obscurity.

Berlin 2019 – The new Josephinenhütte

Three friends, fascinated and inspired by the value of true craftmanship, want to bring Josephinenhütte back to life. The dream is to create glasses that are delicate and light, sophisticated and exquisite and which re-establish the exceptional Josephinenhütte standards.

The keystone to completing this vision: Kurt Josef Zalto, possibly the most gifted glass designer of our time. He should, and has, become the creative director of Josephinenhütte.

With his design for a lightweight, thin-walled, yet flexible wineglass, the Austrian glassmaker has gone beyond the current concept of a good glass.

The glass designer creates the best glasses of their kind, as innovative and astounding as the original Josephinenhütte products. Glasses which open up a new dimension in taste through their visionary construction. Thanks to their characteristic shape and expressive colours, they are a joy to all the senses. Glasses which bring vibrancy to their contents and to those who drink out of them. They not only fulfil their purpose to perfection but are also so striking that they bring people together in conversation. Glasses that are full of life - a delightful sensory experience.

In the great tradition of craftsmen, Josephinenhütte has worked together with prominent figures from design, fine arts and contemporary gastronomy to create the new collection. Through an inventive handcrafting process, in combination with diverse complementary concepts, the finest glasses have originated to suit a variety of different needs. An ever-expanding range with one common feature: each Josephinenhütte glass is a unique handblown piece, made by passionate craftsmen.

This is the new Josephinenhütte, committed to traditional craftsmanship and absolute sophistication: The World’s finest glasses.