JOSEPHINE Decanter Brilliant wins German Design Award 2024

JOSEPHINE Decanter Brilliant wins German Design Award 2024

The decanter designed by Kurt Josef Zalto has received the internationally recognized award for excellent product design.
Josephinenhütte has won the German Design Award for its exceptional JOSEPHINE Decanters. Glass designer Kurt Josef Zalto created the elegant and functional object. The handblown decanter is available in two sizes: JOSEPHINE Decanter Brilliant (for 0.75 l bottles) and Magnum Brilliant (for 1.5 l bottles).
In these dynamic times, it is essential for me as a glass designer not to stand still. I have made it my mission to build bridges between classic craftsmanship and trend-setting ideas. With the JOSEPHINE Decanter Brilliant, we have shown that the true beauty of glassmaking lies in the combination of past and future.

Kurt Josef Zalto

"The German Design Award shows me that our efforts to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design and functional aesthetics are appreciated internationally. However, the award is not only recognition of our work, but also a call to all glassmakers: we must constantly reinvent our craftsmanship to remain fit for the future. You can't do everything with a machine, and working only with machines would be extremely limiting for me as a designer. Innovation would consequently be lost if the craftsmanship of glassmaking was to disappear. In this respect, I am very grateful that our efforts are being recognized and awarded accordingly."

Innovative Design Development

The German Design Award, according to the company, "sets international standards for innovative design developments and competitiveness on the global market… It has set itself the goal of promoting the diverse transformation tasks of our time through design, because outstanding examples provide orientation for others."

This award encourages Kurt Josef Zalto to continue creating products with Josephinenhütte that are not only functional, but also artistic and inspiring. "For me, it's about keeping traditions alive and at the same time breaking new ground," says Kurt Josef Zalto.

Brilliant and functional

Kurt Josef Zalto was inspired by a diamond when designing the decanter. Accordingly, the decanter is minimalist in design and delicate in structure. This also convinced the international jury of leading experts from various design disciplines.

The iconic shape of the decanter ensures optimum aeration of the wine and thus extracts the last flavorful secret from premium wines. In addition to the characteristic bend of the JOSEPHINE series, the decanter has a cone at the bottom. This distinctive design element ensures that the wine is quickly enriched with oxygen when it is poured thanks to a spiral-shaped swirl, allowing one to perceive the wine’s colored nuances.